16 Baris, a Cypher Show Featuring Rappers from South East Asia

16 Baris, a Cypher Show Featuring Rappers from South East Asia

16 Baris is a YouTube series created and presented by Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow.

The premise for 16 Baris (Malay for “16 bars”) is simple: rappers from all over South East Asia are invited to drop 16 bars of original rap. We’ve compiled 5 highlights that you should look forward to.

1) Familiar faces

Episode two puts the focus on Singapore-based rapper ShiGGa Shay. Fans may also recognize QBE of Dose Two, a rap duo whose accolades include presenting for TEDxKL.


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2) Uncovering new talent

Brunei is often left out of the fun when it comes to the South East Asian music scene. Fortunately, 16 Baris did not leave them out, featuring Zed Peace of Kartel Records in episode 11. The Bruneian rapper has released 11 albums including RFIV, which features W.A.R.I.S, known for his 2.5 million hit track “BOTINGKEK”. Coincidentally, W.A.R.I.S made an appearance in episode four.


3) SonaOne, need we say more?

SonaOne has been dubbed the golden boy of Malaysian hip-hop due to his talent and it’s easy to see why in episode 8. The rapper first made his debut as a graffiti artist before crossing artistic genres to venture into music. Also featured in this episode is Californian-based musician Radio3000, who has created tracks with T-Pain.


4)  A different flavor

Deekid added flavor to this episode with his Afrobeat and Dance Hall influence. Other outstanding performers include Dan $hiv who hosted SneakerLah in 2017. We also enjoyed King Lhota’s reggae-style rapping in episode four.


5) Multilingual rap featuring English, Malay, and Tamil

Episode 13 served nothing but fire. You’ll love the variety tones, lyrics, and flow spat out by invited rappers K-Main, and Singapore rappers Fariz Jabba and Yung Raja. Yung Raja contributed much energy to this episode with his fast, Tamil infused rap. No spoilers, but we think we know who the winner of this cypher is.


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