Welcome to the PAQ: A Streetwear Show About Kicks, Fits and Getting Chicks

Welcome to the PAQ: A Streetwear Show About Kicks, Fits and Getting Chicks

What happens if you put four streetwear enthusiasts together, along with cameras and a whole lot of Supreme? This episodic review of PAQ, the latest online show on street culture based in London, tells you exactly what to expect.

1) Fire fits on a budget also means setting a Supreme bogo t-shirt on fire

The first episode starts off with an introduction to PAQ, a group of four guys made up of Danny, Elias, Shaq and Dexter, who are based in London. The challenge this episode is titled “Fire Fits for 50 Quid”, so the boys set out to put together an outfit each with a budget of £50 and within one hour. There are about two more rules to the challenge, but they’re not worth mentioning at this point.

We won’t spoil who the winner of the challenge is, but somehow a Supreme box logo tee is set ablaze at the end of the ep. Logic, what’s that?

2) Does the Supreme x The North Face collab survive in the wilderness?

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In this episode, the boys decide to test outdoor gear from brands like Palace, Supreme, Patta and others in the actual wilderness. The tests include horse-riding, shooting, and scaling a mountain.

A highlight of the ep is Shaq getting philosophical about what being “cool” really is and Elias giving his thoughts on whether the Air Max 95s are suitable for exploring nature.

3) The Ikea trend? They started it first

In this episode of PAQ, the boys were tasked to acquire a “uniform fit”, meaning actual uniforms from DHL, UPS, and the like, and style them into a look fit for the streets. The challenge is, of course, inspired by brands like Vetements constantly banging out fashion inspired by uniforms. The boys had to get really creative and this resulted in some pretty sketchy antics.

Peep Shaq getting nifty with IKEA accessories at the end. And for the record, this episode aired way before the Balenciaga/IKEA bag or IKEA-inspired cap trend was even a thing.

4) When the quest for rare garms end up in New York

In this episode, the PAQ boys are paired into teams and sent on a quest to find the rarest article of clothing they can find on the streetwear market.

Again, no spoilers, but here are some keywords to intrigue you: a jacket worth US$16,000, New York, and a jacket from Kanye West’s long-lost clothing line. Only one way to find out – watch the ep.

5) A Supreme chain for a Tinder date? Sure

Guys, you’re gonna want to pay attention to this. This episode sees the team styling themselves according to what they would wear to a date. From bowling to fine-dining, there’s sure to be a fresh look for you. Say goodbye to basic t-shirts and jeans!

6) Taking sneaker customization to new levels

Their latest episode is themed on a mission to customize a pair of kicks. Daniel Cordas, one of the best customizers in the UK, makes an appearance. PAQ member Danny came up with a pretty innovative way to spruce up his Vans slip-ons. Let us know which member you think did the best.

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