5 Over the Top Luxury Items that Had Us Scratching Our Heads

5 Over the Top Luxury Items that Had Us Scratching Our Heads

From ‘bare butt’ jeans to literal ‘board’-room wear.

By John Yong

We live in a world where luxury brands are constantly pushing boundaries to stay ahead of the competition.

Sometimes, they amaze us with their stylish and innovative ideas, and other times, they leave us confused and dumbfounded.

Here are five over the top luxury items that had us scratching our heads.

1) Balenciaga’s IKEA-inspired tote bag


Image by Dezeen

Does this bag look familiar? Well, you’ve probably seen it at IKEA. Fashion brand Balenciaga decided to take inspiration from the iconic blue FRANKTA bag, and charge customers US$2,145 (approx. S$2996) for it. IKEA’s original shopping bag only costs US$0.99 (approx. $1.40). Thanks, but we’ll stick to the original.

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2) Bare butt jeans from Vetements and Levi’s

This bare-bottomed jeans from Vetements and Levi’s leaves little to the imagination. Unless you have the booty of Rihanna or J Lo, or, you look better from behind, we doubt anyone will invest US$1,660 (approx S$2319) for this revealing pair of jeans.

3) Supreme’s Cash Cannon money shooter

Here’s another Supreme product that made us go, “What?” Unveiled yesterday on Instagram, the brand’s very own cash cannon lets you ‘make it rain’ with style.

4) Silver Monkey Straw From Tiffany & Co.


Image from Tiffany & Co.

There’s no monkeying around with this silver straw from Tiffany & Co. Priced at US$425 (approx. S$593), this exclusive drinking apparatus was clearly made for individuals who were born with silver spoons (or in this case, straws) in their mouths.

5) Maison Margiela’s Boardroom Wear for Spring 2011

Images from Teacups & Couture

It’s safe to say that this collection by Maison Margiela for Spring 2011 fell flat. In fact, we could probably fill a blackboard with the many reasons why this collection should not belong in anyone’s wardrobe.

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