5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Baybeats 2016

Baybeats is back for its annual slew of performances at Esplanade. Here are some reasons why you should head down over the weekend to check it out.

1) Baybeats is free


This year marks the 15th Baybeats Festival organized by the Esplanade and it’s still 100% free, on top of being non-ticketed. Even better, there are three stages set up so you don’t have to fret about having to wait in-between shows.

Listen to a myriad of performances from both local and international acts as you make your way from the Baybeats Arena, to the Powerhouse Stage and Chillout stage.

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2) Get acquainted with Baybeats Budding Bands

An initiative that started 2007, the Baybeats Budding Bands programme showcases local bands who have what it takes to own the stage. Among the eight finalists featured this year is homegrown band Disco Hue, who have been receiving tons of love since the release of their single, “Gotta Find You”. They will be making their appearance this Saturday at the Arena Stage, so head there to enjoy the experience!

3) Musicians from abroad will be coming


Baybeats is a festival that shows love to both local and foreign artistes. The line-up this year is as diverse as it gets, with artists flying in from Malaysia (Juno & Hanna, Killer Calculateur, A.C.A.B) Indonesia (D’Jenks, The Fox and The Thieves) Australia (The Dirt Radicals) and many more.

4) There’s mad talent all around

We can’t not discuss Baybeats without bringing up the wide array of genres they display, running from post-rock (I Am David Sparkie) to pop-punk (The Summer State) and all that’s in between. Cashew Chemists, who performed at Laneway back in January, will also be making an appearance.

5) A favorite band says goodbye


Local band Plainsunset, who made their debut in 1996 and have been Baybeats veterans for the longest time, will unfortunately be playing their last Baybeats show this year. It’s not totally goodbye though, as they will be releasing their full-length album, Both Boxer & Benjamin, later this year. Till then, make sure to stop by their stage and sing along to the familiar tunes!

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