5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Abstract, Ivan B, G-Eazy and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Abstract, Ivan B, G-Eazy and More

This week’s music picks feature re-works from Abstract and Ivan B, fresh stuff from G-Eazy and Dabin, as well as an old favorite from MNEK.

1) Abstract, “Lost Boys (Ruth B Cover)”

Everyone from Vine probably knows of songstress Ruth B and her anticipated release of “Lost Boy”, a take on the perspective of one of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys. The lyrics are simple enough to remain in your head, while carrying much poetic weight.

Abstract and Bluelake have teamed up to remix the track, adding in some beats and a couple of rap verses that take the song to a more contemporary level. One YouTube commenter even went as far as to visualize “Peter Pan with an Obey cap and a gold Dollar Chain Necklace”, and as we bob our heads along to the song, we can’t help but imagine the same.

2) Ivan B, “Sweaters”

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The 19-year-old Ivan B hails from the Bay Area and is showing a lot of promise in his journey as a musician. He might still be unsigned, but that isn’t stopping him from creating hits like this — a quality track thats suited for the season with his inclusion of The Neighborhood’s “Sweater Weather”.

3) G-Eazy ft. Kehlani, “Everything Will Be OK”

G-Eazy finally dropped his highly anticipated album, When It’s Dark Out, late last week and we immediately fell in love with this track. We all know that Kehlani has a decent set of vocal pipes, but her vocals in this song were perfect, to the point where G-Eazy himself said, “I knew she was the only person that could really execute that song and understand the sentiment of it. There’s only so many people that could be able to connect and convey that kind of emotion and pain.”

While we honestly feel that the rest of the album has a “look at how cool I am” kind of vibe,  “Everything Will Be OK” strips away the glitz and glory, with G-Eazy going as far as to dedicate a verse to his brother.

4) Dabin ft. Daniela Andrade, “Hold”

Meet Dabin, a Canadian-Korean law student who produces sick beats while juggling with studies. His collab with Daniela makes this dreamy track all kinds of beautiful, and Dabin does a shoutout for his beloved Korea by featuring moonassi-esque art as his album cover. We recommend breaking out the headphones to get yourself fully immersed in the soundscape.

5) MNEK, “More Than A Miracle”

NEK is definitely the go-to person for songs that are inspired by the 90s, thanks to his amazing talent at transforming old-school house and dance-pop into something fresh. This track is definitely influenced by the house genre, and MNEK puts his classic bright energy and soul into it, making it a song that stays in your head for hours and hours.

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