5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Khai, Mila J, Boxchild and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Khai, Mila J, Boxchild and More

It’s been a pretty wild ride this week, so we figured y’all can use a playlist, featuring hits from Mila J to Khai and boxchild, to calm yourselves down.

1) Khai, “Do You Go Up”

With his graceful and tender vocals, Khai is truly an artist on the rise. This R&B-heavy track best exemplifies his signature style when it comes to music production as well as songwriting talent. The track was written after a relationship with a girl; “all these feelings and emotions were screaming inside of me, so I wrote them all down then sat down with my synthesizer to create the sounds and melodies that make ‘Do You Go Up’,” he saidWe are pretty familiar with heartache and heartbreak, and this track speaks volumes about those sticky situations.

2) Mila J, “Down”

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Here’s a fun fact we just found out: Sultry songstress Mila J is actually the older sister of petite R&B princess Jhené Aiko! With their similar names (Mila J’s real name is Jamila Aiko Aba Chilombo) and equally arresting looks, we really should’ve known earlier. While we’re at it, here’s another new drop from Mila J herself. This 90s-inspired track includes a pitched down sample of Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down”, complete with melodic harmonies and finger snaps.

3) Liv Dawson, “Tapestry”

This young English darling could very well be this generation’s equivalent of Lana Del Ray. “Tapestry” is a gorgeous debut track, with Liv’s beautiful voice holding so much weight it reaches far beyond her teenage years. The track is simple, yet layered with meaning, and the lyricism that makes up the song is supported by a luscious backdrop of keys, percussion and guitar. Check out the visuals, where her lovely vocals accompany you throughout the VHS-style montage.

4) boxchild, “Rewind”

Singapore-based rock band boxchild first came to existence three years ago. Their quirky name is symbolic of how they want to step out of societal norms and explore the world through music. The band’s musical style is known to be “in-your-face, riff driven heavy alternative rock with powerful melodic vocals” and the action-packed video above says it all. “Our upcoming EP is very much a narrative of boxchild’s evolution. Each track exhibits different facets of our sound, and we want listeners to walk away wanting more. We can’t wait to release this EP and this is also only a prelude to what boxchild has in store,” said frontman, Jeevan. With their fierce dreams and high ambitions, it’s no wonder these guys were the finalists in this year’s Baybeats Festival.

5) Young Thug, “Beat It ft. Jacquees”

We’re pretty sure no one saw the news of Thugger changing his name to “No, My Name is Jeffery” last night. Well, as long as he’s happy, we suppose. Here’s a throwback to the days of Pre-Jeffery, with an assist from singer Jacquees on the hard-hitting piano and drum-laden track.

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