5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Pia Mia, Lakey Inspired, DJ Grumble and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Pia Mia, Lakey Inspired, DJ Grumble and More

This week, we help you forget the summer heat by bringing you the freshest tracks from artists like Pia Mia, Lakey Inspired and more.

1) Bohkeh, “Cotton Damn”

If you’re looking for something to perk up your lazy day, Bohkeh definitely has something for ya. Following his brush with fame from his frequent Giraffage remixes, Bohkeh switches things up in this candy-sweet original track. The vibe of this track conjures up classic summer scenes complete with amusement park visits and lemonade.

2) Lakey Inspired, “Cloud Level”

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Lakey Inspired’s body of work always has that mellow, nostalgic undertone that we keep going back to. This track is great for zoning out to after a day of work, and smooth enough to chill out to with your friends. Listen to it long enough, and it may just raise you up to cloud nine.

3) DJ Grumble, “TasteMakerz2”

Chemist by day and DJ by night, DJ Grumble once said in an interview with First Ear that “Chemistry is like making beats. You take starting materials and mix them into something new and better.” Wise words from the man who spends 60 hours a week in the lab. Known for sampling beats from vintage records sourced from thrift stores, and using the same software for more than 10 years, there’s something about Grumble’s work that remains charmingly authentic.

4) Pia Mia, “Underneath”

Guam hottie Pia Mia recently dropped this sultry track that’s a sure addition to your playlists. Produced by Nic Nac and written by Bobby Brackins, she croons over the song in her husky voice. According to her Instagram, she’s already got a choreography worked out and damn, is it hot as hell:

Underneath pt. 1 @letmeseeyou @bobbybrackins #Underneath #UnderneathTheSheets link in bio

A video posted by Princess Pia Mia (@princesspiamia) on

5) WSTRN feat. Kehlani, “In2 (Remix)”

A couple of months ago we recommended London trio WSTRN’s debut single, “In2”, a track we absolutely loved. In this remix, one of our favorite girls Kehlani has teamed up with them for a new take on the song. The Oakland singer-songwriter adds in some verses about her crush out on the front street, letting him know she’s down to give it a go.

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