Surprisingly affordable streetwear brands

Surprisingly affordable streetwear brands

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Affordable streetwear brands to add to your rotation so you won’t have to break bank.

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Wanting to stay fresh and be financially prudent doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Especially in these uncertain times, splurging on an expensive t-shirt or jacket may not be the best way forward. But a fire fit for your daily Zoom calls could be a mood lifter and set you up for success. The key to looking fresh on a budget? These surprisingly affordable streetwear brands.

Each one of these brands has managed to keep its prices within affordable range without compromising quality or aesthetics. Though many of these brands are familiar names in the scene, they have apparel and accessories that stay well under S$100 a piece, making them an easy cop. Here’s our list of affordable streetwear brands and where to buy them.


Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Founded by Shepard Fairey in 2001, Obey has always sought to spread a simple message – question the status quo. With its graphic and slogan tees that start from S$56, the brand challenges youths to live independently and not follow the crowd. Today, Obey is a full-fledged streetwear label that offers everything from tops to socks.

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Shop Obey: Obey Asia | Asos | Yoox

Obey arrives in Asia: Obey launches Southeast Asia webstore with web-exclusive apparel



Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Stussy, inspired by laidback surf culture and established in the 1980s, is arguably the world’s first streetwear brand. Its legacy has stood the test of time, as it continues to remain relevant till this day. Its recognizable logo, hand signed by founder Shawn Stussy, continues to hold weight in the streetwear scene, exemplified by their highly raved Nike Air Force 1 collab and boundary-pushing collection with Cactus Plant Flea Market. Despite amassing a string of successful collaborations and a global fan base, Stussy remains affordable with t-shirts starting at S$63.

Shop Stussy: Stussy | End Clothing | Farfetch | DSMS | Yoox

Shawn Stussy’s lesson on the t-shirt: Shawn Stussy gives history lessons on the humble tee 


Chinatown Market

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Created by Mike Cherman, the now-controversially named Chinatown Market is an ode to the bootleg stores that dot New York’s Chinatown at Canal Street. The brand’s carefree vibe has led to some pretty interesting collaborations, including an entire collection dedicated to Mike Tyson. Whether you’re into simple varsity tees or colorful bootleg Gucci tees, you’ll find it in CTM’s pieces which start at S$75 for a t-shirt.

Shop Chinatown Market: End Launches | The Lucky Shop | Farfetch | Yoox

Check out our interview with the founder of CTM: Mike Cherman of Chinatown Market, with print guns blazing, discusses bootlegs and DIY


Label Dunno

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Japanese streetwear brand, Label Dunno, creates eccentric and colorful apparel. Through graphic prints and embroidery, Label Dunno creates cheeky wearable art that’s worthy of a double take. Looking to rock a relatively indie brand that’s  bound to start a conversation, Label Dunno is the way to go. Prices start at S$80 for a t-shirt.

Shop Label Dunno: Pasar Peninsula



Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Started by Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt in 2016, Patta, became the epicenter of street culture in Amsterdam. Located in the heart of the city, the store became a tastemaker in the Dutch streetwear scene through careful curation and gave European consumers access to sneakers and apparel that were available only overseas. Their motto, “Out of love and necessity rather profit and novelty” is upheld through its collections which remain surprisingly affordable (S$65 for a t-shirt) considering its heritage.

Shop Patta: End Clothing | Patta | Yoox

Here’s how Patta made waves in Europe: Patta Co-Founder talks hip-hop culture, humble beginnings and early collaborations


Ageless Galaxy Co

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Ageless Galaxy Co combines the curiosity that fueled the space race with the design sensibilities of streetwear fans. The end result is a vibrant collection that merges retro visuals with modern oversized cuts. If bright colors, bold texts and graphics are your vibe, Ageless Galaxy Co is a must-cop. Their very affordable range starts at S$35 for a t-shirt.

Shop Ageless Galaxy Co: Aglxy official store

A look at the Aglxy POD Collection 012: This Ageless Galaxy collection packs ‘80s nostalgia


Carhartt WIP

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Carhartt WIP started out in 1889 in Detroit Michigan manufacturing workwear for laborers and blue-collared workers. Till this day, Carhartt WIP produces high-quality denim, khakis, tees, overalls and accessories that serve as essential pieces for any wardrobe. The brand skyrocketed in popularity when streetwear icons like Kanye West and Travis Scott began adopting “workwear” looks, regularly incorporating Carhartt WIP pieces. Worn by stars and laborers alike, Carhartt WIP has remained relatively affordable with their t-shirts starting at S$79.

Shop Carhartt: Carhartt Singapore | End Launches | Farfetch | Asos | Yoox

Carhartt WIP’s standalone store in Singapore: Finally, there’s a Carhartt WIP standalone store in Singapore once again


Fucking Awesome

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Fucking Awesome is a skate brand that started out by applying experimental designs to their skate decks, which London based skate shop Slam City Skates describes as “a thing of beauty”. Founders and pro-skaters Jason Dill and Anthony Van Engelen transpose their artistic approach to deck design to their apparel. Using t-shirts as their canvas, they use different techniques to create diverse graphic print — anything from scanned images of polaroids to grim hand-drawn sketches. Their tees start at S$65.

Shop Fucking Awesome: End Clothing


The Hundreds

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Founded on the principle of “People Over Product”, The Hundreds is a streetwear brand that focuses on sharing different stories and point-of-views through collaborative projects. The brand’s design language, developed by founders Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar, is inspired by ‘90s workwear and Californian subculture tribes. The Hundreds’ collection spans a wide selection of apparel and accessories ­– most of which remain under S$100 apiece. In fact, some t-shirts start at just S$48.

Shop The Hundreds: Asos | The Hundreds


Carrots by Anwar Carrots

Affordable Streetwear Brands: Guide To Looking Fresh On A Budget

Based out of Los Angeles, Carrots is a streetwear label that focuses on creating simple menswear and accessories. Anwar Carrots’ designs feature lighthearted cartoon illustrations that are printed onto apparel or homeware. Though his collections are designed and manufactured in the US, they remain relatively affordable with t-shirts starting at S$59 apiece.

Shop Carrots: Carrots by Anwar | Goodluck Bunch | Yoox

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