Kobe Bryant’s Last Game Has Created Some Strange eBay Listings

Kobe Bryant’s Last Game Has Created Some Strange eBay Listings

Apparently, bags of air from Kobe Bryant’s last game can be yours, for a price of course.

People are Selling Air from Kobe Bryant's Last Game

We can’t decide who’s the bigger airhead: Sellers who are obviously cashing in on the hype from Kobe Bryant’s last game, or those who are bidding on these listings.

These days, it seems you don’t even need to get your hands on something in order to sell it. A search for “Kobe Bryant air” on eBay brings up a number of results. There are genuine listings for stuff like an autographed basketball, and then there are listings for the sale of air from Kobe Bryant’s last game.

What’s even scarier is that there are actual people who bid for the latter. The Washington Post reported a listing in which the price soared to US$4,599.99. Unfortunately, the seller has since closed the sale, leaving everyone guessing if someone really paid premium price for it.

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This isn’t the first time that “creative” individuals have tried to earn a buck with someone’s fame. White Vans Authentics supposedly worn by Daniel Lara, the star behind the “Damn Daniel” meme, found their way to eBay as well and got the Internet stirring some time back.

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