“Akira” Creator Wears Supreme, Talks Motorcycle Gangs and Social Marginalization

“Akira” Creator Wears Supreme, Talks Motorcycle Gangs and Social Marginalization

Akira has been dubbed one of the best anime films of all time. Its creator Katsuhiro Otomo reveals the details behind his inspiration.

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Katsuhiro Otomo talks about the “marginal members of society” as inspiration for Akira in Supreme’s latest video.

The video, originally uploaded on Supreme’s website, features Otomo talking about the challenges he faced while creating Akira. We learn that the artist’s publisher was initially not interested in Akira.

“I told the publisher I was doing a science fiction story. The publisher opposed, but eventually ran the piece,” said the manga artist.

Otomo also revealed that both the manga and animated film was about society’s outsiders as they were more intriguing to draw.

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“It’s about motorcycle gangs, rock musicians, and punk rockers. You know how they die young. I wanted it to be about the marginal members of society, those who don’t belong, who are more intriguing to draw,” says Otomo around the 56-second mark of the video.

Akira is a Japanese manga series and film that follows the story of Kaneda and Tetsuo, two members of a motorcycle gang called The Capsules. But their lives change soon after a freak accident made Tetsuo realize his psychic powers, leading him to destruction.

The video featuring Otomo, is of course promotional content for the release of the Supreme x Akira collection, which will be available both online and in Supreme stores on Thursday, November 2. Supreme Japan will release the collection on Saturday, November 4.

The collection ranges from apparel to lifestyle pieces including trays and a plate. Browse the full collection here.

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