Artist Anish Kapoor Gets His Hands on World’s Pinkest Pink

Artist Anish Kapoor Gets His Hands on World’s Pinkest Pink

And flips off the creator while he’s at it.

Anish Kapoor

Artist Anish Kapoor, previously banned from using the world’s pinkest pink pigment, has gotten his hands on some. And the art world isn’t happy about it.

Two years ago, Anish Kapoor was given exclusive rights to the world’s blackest black pigment, Vantablack. Of course, this caused backlash from the art industry.

Christian Furr, the youngest artist ever commissioned to paint the Queen told the Daily Mail“I’ve never heard of an artist monopolizing a material. Using pure black in an artwork grounds it. All the best artists have had a thing for pure black – Turner, Manet, Goya. This black is like dynamite in the art world. We should be able to use it. It isn’t right that it belongs to one man.”

Another artist stepped up in defiance to the issue, but with a different type of response. Stuart Semple went ahead to create the world’s pinkest pink pigment, and banned Anish Kapoor from ever purchasing or using it, unless the latter shared Vantablack.

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However, a recent Instagram update from Anish Kapoor himself proves otherwise. The artist posted a photo of a middle finger dipped in the pink pigment, effectively gloating and flipping off the art community at the same time, especially after captioning it “Up yours.”

This is a pretty apt reflection of when art gets petty, not pretty. Here’s hoping that Anish Kapoor won’t move on and gets hold of the world’s most glittery glitter, which, by the way, he is also banned from.

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