April Fool’s Day 2018 Roundup: Five Internet Pranks Featuring Yeezy Mafia, Rick and Morty

April Fool’s Day 2018 Roundup: Five Internet Pranks Featuring Yeezy Mafia, Rick and Morty

April Fools Day 2018 certainly caught us by surprise despite being on our toes the entire day.

This past April Fool’s, hoaxes and pranks were coming from all corners of the Internet. Even some of the big name brands were in on the joke.

Here’s a round-up of five Internet pranks that either got us slapping ourselves on the forehead, ROFL-ing or plain disappointed.

1) Yeezy Mafia’s all-black Yeezy 500

Those who suffer from acute FOMO and opt to receive notifications each time Yeezy Mafia (a reputable source for Yeezy leaks) tweets, would have fallen for this prank hard. On April Fool’s Day, Yeezy Mafia posted a link to purchase the all-black Yeezy 500, but it led us to a €12,000 F&F sample instead. Yeezy Mafia got us good!

2) Durex launches edible condoms

With all the advancement in technology, you might think for a second that edible condoms are possible. That is, until logic kicks in, and you realize it’s all just a hoax. Damn you Durex, you got us eating our hearts out at the thought of edible condoms.

3) Rick & Morty season 4 premiere

Except it wasn’t. It was just a whole other level of strange. Can’t blame fans for falling for this one seeing as to how season 3 premiered on April Fool’s last year. Well, where it comes to Rick & Morty, all we can say is expect the unexpected.

4) IKEA’s new Assembly MANual

IKEA’s supposed freshly minted manual – featuring all blank pages – is directed at “those men who don’t follow manuals”. Literally burn after reading.

5) Tokidoki delving into the food business


Tokidoki has a cult-like following – its cute characters adorn everything from clothing, accessories and toys. On April Fool’s, the lifestyle brand released a post that shows boxes of “Tokipops” in the cereal shelves alongside household names like Lucky Charms. That sure got fans excited until two swipes to the right later – go on, you’ll see.

Which was the best April Fools Day 2018 prank for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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