What Went Down at Beyoncé’s 35th Birthday

What Went Down at Beyoncé’s 35th Birthday

September 4th marked Beyoncé’s 35th birthday and of course it was nothing short of lit. Here’s a round-up of what went down during Queen B’s special day.

1) Beyoncé Gave Love to Her Fans

Fans were treated to an exclusive standalone upload of “Hold Up,” a track off her album, Lemonade. The video was part of her visual album under Tidal/HBO but fans are now able to watch it on YouTube. “Hold Up” was part of Beyoncé’s highlight medley during the recent MTV Video Music Awards, where she staged a 15-minute performance and made history by being the most awarded artist to date. Check out “Hold Up” above and Beyoncé’s medley here:

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2) She Hung Out With the First Lady


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Being the all-powerful boss that she is, Mrs Carter proved that she didn’t need her man to have a good time. She flew to Camp David with her daughter, Blue Ivy, over her birthday (and the Labor Day) weekend and was joined by Michelle Obama and her daughters. Both husbands were reportedly not seen, making it a fun all-girls’ trip.

3) Her Best Friend Gave Her a “Girl’s Best Friend”


Speaking of girls, Bey’s best friend and former bandmate Kelly Rowland was seen at the Budweiser Made in America festival, where Beyoncé herself was also in attendance. Kelly dished out to E! News that she got the birthday girl a very special gift. “Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” she hinted. “I got her diamonds!” A gift fit for the brightest star in the universe, indeed.

4) Chance the Rapper Took a Chance

One of the most endearing rappers in the game gave Queen B a sweet shoutout during his set at the Made in America festival, followed by a Happy Birthday song. Crooning “Auntie it’s your birthday”, he also got her fans to sing along, making the moment all the more special. Chance the Rapper’s known to be as good as Beyoncé and Jay Z’s godson, always referring to them as aunt and uncle. If that isn’t cute enough, check his freak-out when Beyoncé casually leaned on him at the VMAs:

5) Jay Z Turned Up After All


He was next to Bey throughout the Made in America festival, catching sets from Chance the Rapper, Coldplay, Desiigner and DJ Khaled. The power couple were reportedly very affectionate with each other during the performances, with Jay Z even planting a smacker on Bey at one point.

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