Cough Drop Flavored Kit Kat Now a Thing in Japan

Cough Drop Flavored Kit Kat Now a Thing in Japan

These cough drop flavored Kit Kat contain real throat lozenge powder.

The cough drop flavored Kit Kat is available in Japan now till September 10. Each Kit Kat delivers a dose of 2.1% throat lozenge powder.

Mixed with white chocolate and wafer, the resulting taste is “fresh and invigorating”, according to Nestle.

Accompanying this unique confectionery is a unique packaging that features the face of Yasutaro Matsuki, a popular Japanese football commentator.

The release of this edition of Kit Kat seems to have been timed to coincide with when the Japanese football team plays against Australia (August 31) and Saudi Arabia (September 5) in the FIFA World Cup qualifying matches. The goal? To soothe the throats of football fans as they cheer for the national team.

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Priced at 140 yen (approx. $1.74), the cough drop flavored Kit Kat can be purchased across Japan from now till September 10.

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