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LIVING Published: July 17, 2019 Updated: July 23, 2019  |  WORDS: Jonas Nevin

Daily dose: Here are five Instagram accounts to follow for fitness motivation

Sometimes, hitting the gym or the tracks can be quite a struggle. However, with the right motivation, this can be easily overcome.

Fitness Instagram
Fitness trainer Joe Holder stretching before his workout.

We’ve scoured high and low to find our five favorite fitness Instagram accounts that are likely to give you the push you need for those extra reps in the gym.

1. @Ochosystem


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Fitness trainer Joe Holder has trained some of the biggest stars – Virgil Abloh and Naomi Campbell anyone? – and just recently collaborated with Nike on a fitness training program. Head to his fitness Instagram page to get inspired by his unconventional workouts that not only focus on strength but other neglected areas such as balancing and conditioning as well.

2. @Koreatownrunclub


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Running may not seem like the most enjoyable sport out there but scroll through Koreatown Run Club’s Instagram page and you will see that it in fact can be. Their well-curated feed features different members of their run club displaying the brightest smiles and making running seem like so much fun. This is enough motivation, at least for me, to head out for a jog.

P.S. They have some really cool merchandise for sale too.

3. @_Joeanderson


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If you’re looking for some no-nonsense fitness inspiration, ex-NFL player Joe Anderson is your guy. Expect to see him going through grueling workouts as he shares motivation about pushing your limits. He also advocates a lot for having the right mindset. A definite follow if you ask me.

4. @Florencia.galarza


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As the captain of Kith Football Club, Florencia Galarza has played for some of the biggest teams, such as Boca Juniors and even the Argentina national team. Unsurprisingly, her Instagram feed is a picture-perfect homage to her love of soccer. The videos of her practicing her soccer skills and pictures of her chilling on the beach will greatly motivate you to step out of your home to at least get some fresh air.

5. @Chrisheria


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Fitness trainer and Youtuber Christian Heria is a big advocate for calisthenics – a workout that relies mainly on bodyweight and that requires very minimal equipment. Scroll through his feed and you’ll see him working on some single-arm pull-ups or handstand push-ups. His Instagram also links to his Youtube tutorials of various exercises, making it a good follow for beginners.

Let us know in the comments if there are any other fitness Instagram accounts that belong on this list.

Featured Image: Nike

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