Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter After Getting Roasted for “GoT” Cameo

Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter After Getting Roasted for “GoT” Cameo

Ed Sheeran and his brief cameo in Game of Thrones did not sit well with fans.


Ed Sheeran deleted his Twitter account following his Game of Thrones season 7 cameo.

In the show, Sheeran played a Lannister soldier who gets interrupted by Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark while singing. She says to him, “It’s a pretty song, I’ve never heard it before”. He then replies to her, “It’s a new one”. The song was originally sung by Tyrion Lannister in the books.

The appearance of Sheeran was enough to send die-hard fans into a frenzy. They took to Twitter to vent their frustration, with some directing their anger at Sheeran himself, causing the singer to shutting down his Twitter account entirely.

Besides deleting his Twitter account, the ginger-haired singer has yet to make an official statement about the backlash. He did, however, post a photo on Monday from behind-the-scenes on his Instagram page (see above).

What do you think of Sheeran’s cameo on Game of Thrones? Check out some of our favorite Twitter reactions below.



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