These “Grinch” Golf Le Fleurs might just actually steal Christmas

These “Grinch” Golf Le Fleurs might just actually steal Christmas

The Golf Le Fleur Grinch sneaker is just in time for Christmas.

Gole Le Fleur "Grinch"

We get a close-up look at a yet to be released pair from Tyler and Converse.

Tyler The Creator has been making moves lately, landing not one, but two songs on the Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch soundtrack. Now, he teases fans with a Golf Le Fleur Grinch sneaker.

The sneakers come in a lime green colorway and features a fleece-like material, seemingly to mimic the fur of the Grinch. The main attraction of the shoe will be the eyes of the Grinch embroidered on the heel of the sneaker. It also comes with a red insole, to complete the Christmas themed shoe. The Golf Le Fleur flower motif on the sole of the sneaker will come in the same Grinch-inspired hue.

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There are no details as to when the Golf Le Fleur Grinch sneaker drops, but watch this space for updates.

All images: @/golfwang

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What do you think of the Golf Le Fleur “Grinch”? Are you a fan of Tyler The Creator’s shoes? Let us know in the comments. 

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