Feeling like a lost soul? Here’s a list of things you can do for Halloween

Feeling like a lost soul? Here’s a list of things you can do for Halloween

Go out or get spooked at home for Halloween 2018.

Don’t be a lost soul for Halloween. Here’s our guide to a few otherworldly activities you can dabble in.

1. Scare yourself at USS Halloween Horror Nights 8

Halloween 2018

The Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights is into its eighth edition this year, and they’ve taken up the fright level up a notch. A highlight of this year’s do is the recreation of the world of Stranger Things for fans of the hit series on Netflix. But stranger things are happening – there are four other haunted houses you can step into to meet the ghosts you’ve heard so much about. Ticket prices start at S$58.

2. Watch something scary new: The Haunting of Hill House

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Halloween 2018

This latest Netflix Original will have you clamoring for anything to cover your eyes and ears with. The story traces the journey of five siblings who are still haunted by the house they lived in growing up. Touted as “close to a work of genius” by the legendary horror author Stephen King himself, you know this will give you the chills to last a lifetime of sleepless nights. The ten episodes of season one will take at least ten hours to complete, so that’s your Halloween well covered.

3. Watch something scary old: The Shining

Halloween 2018

Speaking of horror flicks and Stephen King, The Shining is one of his print-to-screen adaptation to add to your must-watch list for Halloween 2018. Released in 1980, the movie has continued to freak people out for years. Don’t know where to watch? Have no fear, this is streaming on Netflix.

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