HYBRDTHRY Live Celebrates the Local Musicians That Need to be Heard 

HYBRDTHRY Live Celebrates the Local Musicians That Need to be Heard 

A platform to showcase what Singapore musicians across diverse genres can bring to the table, HYBRDTHRY Live also celebrates the collective’s second compilation.


This Friday, September 11th, HYBRDTHRY Live puts the spotlight on the beats/hip hop community, with a line-up that consists of Mediocre Haircut Crew, G-Preme, Fzpz, Mean and Audiomotive. For a preview of what to expect, tune in to HYBRDTHRY’s SoundCloud.

This edition of HYBRDTHRY Live also celebrates the collective’s second compilation, HYBRDTHRY Compilation 02, which will be made available on Friday morning itself.

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Fauxe, who founded the collective, said, “As this is a yearly event, when the word got out to the community that the compilation was going to happen, the tracks just came in one by one. As there were no restrictions to what you could do, the sounds of the compilation were all of over the place, just the way this compilation was intended to be.” 

HYBRDTHRY was first formed to provide young and talented artists a platform to share their music and collaborate on projects. Releases like its yearly compilations and live shows are some platforms artists can look forward to riding on to showcase what they’re capable of.

Fzpz only had good things to say about his experience of being part of HYBRDTHRY. “(It) has given me the opportunity to showcase my music as well as other local acts, it’s been a pleasure being part of this community of local beat makers, producers and musicians. I’m thankful for Fauxe and Phyla, who picked me up through soundcloud and bandcamp to be part of the collective,” he said.

Fauxe made it clear that HYBRDTHRY is not about business or being a label. “(It’s) about helping the music here grow – all kinds of music. I believed that if I wanted to see that change, I needed to be the change, so I sacrificed a lot for this, but it’s so worth it,” said Fauxe.

This Friday, tune in to the HYBRDTHRY Compilation 02 in the morning, cast your votes for the General Elections in the afternoon, and then head to the HYBRDTHRY Live at night.

Friday, September 11th 2015
11pm – 2am
KOI Brunch + Beats, 8B Circular Road Level 3, Singapore 049364
Entry: Free

Visit the official event page for more information.

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