Intriguant Debut Album Drops January 6th

Intriguant Debut Album Drops January 6th

If you didn’t know that Intriguant’s debut is coming up real soon, now you do.


Intriguant (real name Louis Quek) has been loved for his beats in Singapore and beyond. With the arrival of his debut album, Recluse, on January 6th, we suspect he’ll be gaining more fans.

Recluse spans ten tracks, and is an encapsulation of the moody textural soundscapes and syncopated ambient beats Intriguant is known and loved for. It promises to take the listener on a journey that weaves in between solace and desolation.

Despite the album title, Intriguant wasn’t alone in putting the album together. Recluse also features the vocals of other household names such as Tim De Cotta (TAJ), Charlie Lim, and young blood like OmarKenobi (Mediocre Haircut Crew).

Last week, the beatmaker released a visual for his lead single “Chemistry”. The video is a short, succinct film that packs a punch right to the end (watch it below).

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Recluse is dedicated to MC Roz, a well-loved MC in the Singapore music scene who passed away earlier this year.

Pre-order your copy of Recluse here.

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