the conflict history between Jay-Z and Kanye West
News July 10, 2017   |  WORDS: John Yong

Jay-Z and Kanye West Feud Timeline: From Frenemies to Enemies

Where did it all go wrong for Jay-Z and Kanye West?

This video explores the tumultuous history between Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Does the recent spat between Jay-Z and Kanye West confuse you? If the answer is yes, you might want to watch this video produced by Genius.

The video, titled From “Big Brother” to “Kill Jay Z” – A Timeline Of Jay And Kanye’s Fallout, explores the history of the rappers’ conflict, highlighting the many instances that gave rise to creative differences and unresolved issues.

According to the video, Tidal is not so much the catalyst of their break up, but the final nail in the coffin of their friendship that seemed doomed from the start.

Watch the video above, and hopefully it puts the beef in perspective.

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