Seven stores to check out at Jewel Changi Airport this week for sneakers, style and entertainment

Seven stores to check out at Jewel Changi Airport this week for sneakers, style and entertainment

Looking to swing by the all-new Jewel Changi Airport everyone’s talking about? Here’s why you should brave the crowds to check it out.

Puma Jewel Changi Airport sneaker wall

There’s no shortage of sneakers, style and entertainment at Singapore’s latest lifestyle hub.

Home to over 280 stores and restaurants, the S$1.7 billion complex also features the tallest indoor waterfall in the world at 40m high.

Jewel Changi Airport finally opened its doors to the public this Wednesday, April 17 after a six-day preview that attracted more than 500,000 Singapore residents. If you’re planning on visiting the 10-storey complex packed with retail stores, restaurants and a cinema this week, you might want to brace yourself for the crowd. But if sneakers, style and reliving your childhood memories are part of the agenda, we’re here to help you navigate through the mob. Check out the seven must-visit stores and awesome opening promos at Jewel Changi Airport below.

1) Nike 

Nike store jewel changi airport

The biggest and coolest space to get your fix of Nike products.

The opening of Nike’s largest store in Southeast Asia was perhaps the most exciting news by far prior to Jewel’s opening. The much-lauded rain vortex didn’t seem like the biggest attraction anymore – for sneakerheads and Nike fans, at least. The store offers the most extensive range of Nike footwear, apparel and merchandise compared to its existing branches. From Jordan, running, basketball and kids, you can find it all here. The most exciting part? That’s got to be the “Nike By You” customization service – the first one available in Southeast Asia. Items you can customize include t-shirt designs, shoelaces and aglets.

Store location:
#02-232/233, opens from 10am to 10pm

2) Puma

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Puma Jewel Changi Airport

The 2,500 square foot store will carry the brand’s latest performance and “select” products.

The German sportswear brand continues to expand its retail reach in Singapore, with the new store at Jewel being its tenth. Puma stores may be everywhere now but you can expect a more extensive range here – being its largest store, after all – with over 700 products from both the performance and “select” line.

Store location:
#02-238/239, opens from 10am to 10pm

3) Foot Locker

Footlocker Jewel Changi Airport

Foot Locker opens its fourth store at Jewel Changi Airport.

Singapore’s first Foot Locker store opened in 2018. Four months into 2019 and we’re looking at its fourth and largest branch yet in the Lion City. The store occupies two levels that are filled with sneakers and apparel from various sportswear and lifestyle brands. But perhaps the biggest draw is the dedicated kids’ and women’s section, which guarantees a family-friendly environment for sneakerheads.

Store location:
#02-254/255, opens from 10am to 10pm

4) Hugo

Hugo jewel changi airport

Hugo’s newest store is a 115 square meter style destination.

Check out Hugo’s impressive new retail space, which unsurprisingly, also happens to be its largest store in Singapore. Elevate your style with its bold and energetic brand of clothing made for men and women. Not unlike the brand’s previous store openings in Singapore, the personalized reversed apparel will be available until May 6. But the brand will be offering black and grey sweatshirts this time instead of the usual tees.

Store location:
#01-263/264, opens from 9am to 11pm

5) New Balance

New Balance jewel Changi Airport

A one-stop shop for the latest New Balance performance and lifestyle products.

New Balance opens its new concept store offering more than just a remarkable range of its lifestyle and performance products. Besides a wall detailing the sportswear brand’s origins, you can get your feet analyzed via a high-tech 3D foot scanner. Safe to say, you’ll never have a problem finding the best shoe model and fit at this store. Also, don’t miss out on the exclusive Singapore collection featuring sandals, tees and caps.

Store location:
#02-251/252, opens from 10am to 10pm

6) Pokemon 

Pokemon jewel changi airport

The Pokemon Center at Jewel is the first store in Asia outside Japan.

There’s no way we weren’t going to include the Pokemon store in this list. It’s a dream come true for fans of the anime series. With this opening, you can see and touch all 143 of the official Pokemon merchandise. That wide range of products available will help take the edge off the absence of the eight items that are exclusive to Japan. But pick your plushies wisely as customers can only purchase up to five limited edition items in the store.

Store location:
#04-201/202, opens from 10am to 10pm

7) Converse 


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Converse sets up shop at Jewel Changi Airport, opening their first sustainable flagship store in Singapore in April 2021. The eco consciously-designed store boasts the widest selection of All-Star sneakers, apparel and accessories while sending a strong message of acceptance and empowerment with their “City Forest” mural – an installation designed by @messymsxi that has the air purifying capabilities of nine mature trees.

Store location:
#02-250, Jewel Changi Airport level 2

Which store at Jewel Changi Airport will you visit first? Let us know in the comments below.

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