Watch Jonah Hill shop sneakers and talk about being a cult fashion hero

Watch Jonah Hill shop sneakers and talk about being a cult fashion hero

Jonah Hill appeared on the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping and he brought along Sunny Suljic, the star of his new movie, Mid90s.

From skate culture, sneakers, and his directorial debut, here are all the things Jonah Hill talked about in the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping.

In an unexpected turn of events, Jonah Hill has become somewhat of a fashion icon of late. To be fair, he has come a long way from his Superbad days to rock the latest streetwear styles and brands on his own terms. Speaking to Complex’s Joe La Puma, he revealed, “I don’t use a stylist… that’s what fashion is all about. Your style is about who you are. Don’t let people put you in clothes”.

Jonah Hill may be a man of many talents, but he can add one more to that list as he makes his directorial debut with the new movie, Mid90s. The movie centers on skate culture and hip-hop in the ’90s, seemingly a throwback to the new director’s life growing up in Los Angeles.

Jonah Hill Sneaker Shopping sunny suljic

Complex’s Joe La Puma talks sneakers with Jonah Hill and Sunny Suljic on the latest episode of Sneaker Shopping

When on the topic of skate culture, sneakers come to mind and Jonah was all up for sneaker talk. But instead of picking out the hyped stuff, he talked about how skate shoes dominated the ’90s and the adidas Samba – which he wears today – and the eS SAL 23 remain top-of-mind for him.

Appearing alongside Jonah Hill in this episode of Sneaker Shopping is the star of Mid90s, 13-year old actor Sunny Suljic. With the young actor already skating in Adidas and Jonah teasing a possible collaboration with the three stripes, both guests made no secret about their fondness for the brand’s range of footwear.

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Jonah Hill Sneaker Shopping sunny suljic

The damage: Sunny Suljic dropped a little more than USS$2,500 on two pairs of Adidas shoes

At the end of the episode, it is Sunny who ends up spending the most on sneakers. He racks up a bill of a little more than US$2,500 on two pairs of sneakers: the N.E.R.D x Pharrell Hu NMD (US$1,100) and the Adidas Yeezy Desert Rat (US$800). Jonah, on the other hand, went for two pairs of his favorite Adidas Samba shoes, among several other selections.

If you haven’t yet caught this episode of Sneaker Shopping, you can do so on Complex’s YouTube channel.

Who do you think copped the best sneakers, Jonah or Sunny? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Complex

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