Pass the popcorn, Kanye West has unleashed a 17-tweet rant about Drake

Pass the popcorn, Kanye West has unleashed a 17-tweet rant about Drake

The Kanye West Drake feud that popped up hours ago on Twitter means the beef is far from over.

Kanye sent out 17 tweets in 30 minutes, all directed at Drake. Here’s what we learned.

The Kanye West Drake beef has resurfaced again, and it all began with a notification Kanye received on his phone on December 13. The rapper shared the screenshot with his 28.7 million followers on Twitter. The notification read as such:

To sum up, Drake wanted to get the “all clear” to use a sample of his own song, “Say What’s Real”. The song was produced by Kanye, which explains why Drake had to request clearance from Ye for it. For some reason Ye was having none of it, what with the feud between them still seemingly unsettled (quick refresher: the feud was sparked by Drake’s war of words with Pusha T, who’s signed to Kanye’s record label).

Kanye took the opportunity to call Drake out over some incidents that have transpired following the back and forth diss tracks released by Pusha T and Drake. Emotions ran wild in the series of tweets and Yeezus even sent highlights from a Bible passage about “Suffering As a Christian”.

If Kanye was looking for an apology from Drake, he might have been successful. He later tweeted, “Drake called. Mission accomplished”. Whatever the rappers spoke about on the phone, it seems Drake won’t be getting a hold of that sample as evidenced by Kanye’s closing Tweet. “By the way… not cleared,” said Kanye along with a laughing cry emoji to end it off.

Drake may have apologized, but all that has been established between the two is an uneasy truce. With so many words exchanged in the public and diss tracks released, we’re not sure how both rappers can find a way forward in peace.

Take a look at the epic 17-tweet rant, all embedded here for your convenience:

Do you think the Kanye West Drake feud is over now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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