Slodown Drops “Khaled” Music Video Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Slodown Drops “Khaled” Music Video Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

The music video to “Khaled” by Slodown, set in a karaoke bar, rolls back the times.

Singaporean singer-songwriter, Slodown, who’s based in NYC, has finally released a music video to his soulful track “Khaled”.

You’ll need a refresher because “Khaled” by Slodown was released in August 2016, so here goes. The mellow track opens with samples taken from the soundscapes featured in getai (“ghost festival”) performances but this all melts away with the smooth vocals of Slodown – “You smart and you loyal / Please don’t give your all to someone who can’t give you the same,” he croons…

Now, with a music video to accompany the song, “Khaled”, has risen out of the ashes to remind us what a great track it was to begin with. The video is visually arresting too, and depicts the hopelessness of the love that Slodown sings about.

Khaled by Slodown

Slodown has made quite an impression in New York City and on online streaming platforms

The MV is directed by NYC-based Taiwanese director Kao Cheng Kai, whose impressive directing portfolio includes commercials for Yohji Yamamoto and Nike. He has also assumed the mantle to create the visual narrative of Slodown’s upcoming six-track Nomance EP produced by Yllis.

Expect great things from Slodown who’s already making an impression on the NYC scene as well as on online streaming platforms, what with his fresh take on soul/R&B that samples vintage Asian karaoke records.

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Keep up with Slodown on Spotify and Instagram.

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