Leicester City’s New Home Kit Will be Sought After by Glory Hunters

Leicester City’s New Home Kit Will be Sought After by Glory Hunters

True blue fans of Leicester City Football Club will have to contend with glory hunters when the next season starts, as the latter group will be clamoring for pieces of the new home kit.


Now that Leicester City has been crowned football champion, glory hunters will come out of the woodwork to snap up the club’s home kit.

As it stands, PUMA reported a fifteen-fold increase in sales for the club’s jerseys ever since they won the EPL title, proving just how much of an overnight sensation the club has become since its win.

The new 2016/17 home kit, unveiled two weeks ago, will probably be just as highly sought after by fans and glory hunters. Going at S$109 a piece, the price tag will do little to deter those who are merely jumping on the bandwagon.

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Never mind that for the first time in history, the jersey will be sporting the new iconic gold Premier League embellishment only reserved for champions.

It even features a geometric jacquard design, a stylized traditional collar, a textured form stripe and contrasting piping with subtle flashes of gold – fitting features for the club that nobody saw winning.

But for the true fans who’ve stood by Leicester since the days when they were down in the dumps, the jersey embodies the club’s greatest achievement since its inception in 1884.

The new home kit will be available in Singapore in July this year. Stay tuned to the Weston Corp Facebook page for updates.

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