Linying, Singapore’s Indie-Electronic Sweetheart, Releases Debut EP Today

Linying, Singapore’s Indie-Electronic Sweetheart, Releases Debut EP Today

With a fresh signing to Nettwerk Music Group and an EP out today, Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying is set for success.


Indie-electronic artist Linying will be releasing her debut five-track EP, titled Paris 12, today, September 30th.

This follows her signing with Nettwerk Music Group, which has other indie greats such as Passenger and Angus & Julia Stone on its roster.

Linying first caught our attention a year ago when we would hear her track “Shine” on loop in stores like Forever 21 and H&M. Who would’ve thought the voice came from a source so close to home.

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Earlier this year, Linying released her first single, titled “Sticky Leaves”, a piano-paced track highlighting her mellow vocals and a turnaround from her usual EDM-house collaborations. The track was featured on popular music channel, The Vibe Guide, and was included in Spotify’s American and Global Viral 50 chart.

Since then, she has even gone on to make appearances at Tokyo’s Summer Sonic Festival and also joined producer Felix Jaehn on his European tour.

Closer to home, she has collaborated with fellow Universal labelmate, Gentle Bones, also an artiste from Singapore. Linying and Gentle Bones performed their collaborative track “Liar” live at Gentle Bones’ concert.

Linying’s next appearance in Singapore is set to be at the upcoming Neon Lights Festival on November 27th.

Check out the track above and show some love on her Facebook page.

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