5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Lil Wayne, Matusa, Kllo and More

5 Tracks for This Week’s Grind: Lil Wayne, Matusa, Kllo and More

Tuesday’s here again, and since we spent Monday getting over weekend misadventures, here’s a couple tracks from Lil Wayne, Matusa, Kllo and more, that will set the flow right again.

1) Lil Wayne, “Nightmares From The Bottom (Khyber Remix)”

Here’s one for the birthday boy! Lil Wayne turns 33 today, and while he may have plans to quit the game, his illustrious career has given us plenty to pick from for this birthday dedication. Here’s a reworked throwback from five years ago, with the unmistakable sample from the original track making this the perfect way to remember Lil Wayne.

2) Matusa, “No Scrubs (TLC Cover)”

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We discovered a cover of TLC’s “No Scrubs” earlier this year, and today we found another one that we might dig even more than the first. This Australian duo delivers a pitched down R&B jam that’s a total turnaround from the original 1999 hit, and we are super down with that.

3) Jessica Domingo, “Kendrick Lamar Medley”

This video has been gaining mad views after being featured in, of all things, a make-up tutorial. 20-year-old Seattle resident Jessica Domingo has compiled a medley of K.Dot’s hits from his Good Kid, M.A.A.D City and Section.80 albums, pulling off a flawless arrangement with her beautiful vocals.

4) Joe Hertz, “Swimming ft. James Vickery”

These English lads seem dead-set on making us drown in their charm, with Joe Hertz on the beats supplying dreamy vibes and fluctuating synths, and singer-songwriter James Vickery delivering vocals that linger in your mind even as the song moves on. Smooth.

5) Kllo, “Sense”

We first covered Kllo’s debut track here and they’ve wowed us again with their latest release, “Sense”. It comes complete with a music video, shot on a Retro Super 8 film camera, that captures their specialty in blending both modern electronica and dreamy indie pop together flawlessly.

Tira Lee is Straatosphere’s resident aux cord heaux. She’s in-charge of pulling together nifty mixes each week to spread dope tracks and good vibes to the public. In her free time, she partakes in something distressingly referred to as academia and often experiences an existential crisis of sorts. She’s also paid to put pretty clothes on pretty people sometimes.

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