Lucky Plaza Singapore Raided for Fake Sportswear Goods Worth S$50,000

Lucky Plaza Singapore Raided for Fake Sportswear Goods Worth S$50,000

Three stores located in Lucky Plaza, Singapore, were found guilty of selling fakes.


A selection of counterfeit goods available at the offending store

Four staff members from three unnamed Lucky Plaza stores were apprehended on August 25.

The suspects were selling fake goods and apparel from Nike and Adidas. According to the Straits Times, authorities have confiscated more than 1,700 items including sneakers, apparel, bags, and caps from notable sportswear brands.

In Singapore, anyone found guilty of selling fake goods will receive a fine of up to S$100,000 or be sentenced to imprisonment for up to five years.

Despite the incident, commenters such as “Pepper Ail Saffron” seem unfazed. He left a Facebook comment to say fakes can be found on “carousel [sic]”, a reference to Carousell, a popular reseller platform. View the full comment below:

News of counterfeit sneaker crimes has been on the rise lately. Just several months ago in May 2017, Chinese authorities seized half a million pairs of counterfeit sneakers. In June, a Reddit user discovered fake Stock X tags being sold on a sneaker reselling website.

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