Lululemon Enters the Sneaker Game in Partnership with APL

Lululemon Enters the Sneaker Game in Partnership with APL

Athletic wear brand Lululemon is entering the sneaker game with Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL).


Photo: A selection of APL sneakers available for sale

Lululemon will introduce Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) sneakers to its retail offering. The current line up of sneakers includes three silhouettes: Acton Ascend Style, Techloom Pro Style, and the Techloom Phantom Style.

The sneaker assortment will vary according to location but all stores will carry three silhouettes. Expect the shoes to come in a variety of colors including rose gold as well as its signature white and black colorways.

The shoes will be available for sale in 23 different stores across the United States. Each pair will retail between US$140 to US$160 (approx. S$191 to S$218), according to Fashion India.

This will be Lululemon’s first venture into the sneaker market. A savvy move for Lululemon considering that APL sneakers have been in the spotlight after celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian were seen wearing the brand. Its founders have also famously declared APL shoes “too good to be worn in the NBA”.

No word on whether or not Lululemon APL sneakers will be available in Singapore stores. But keep an eye out for more information.

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