Score! Big Baller Brand Sneakers to Appear on Lonzo Ball in “NBA 2K”

Score! Big Baller Brand Sneakers to Appear on Lonzo Ball in “NBA 2K”

Big Baller Brand is making great strides with a scheduled NBA 2k video game appearance.

NBA 2K confirms that Big Baller Brand sneakers and Lonzo Ball will appear in the 2018 version of the popular basketball video game.

NBA 2K’s official Twitter page confirmed the news on August 11.

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The video game has yet to reveal exactly which shoe model from Big Baller Brand will be making an appearance but speculation says it’ll likely be the ZO2, Lonzo Ball’s signature shoes.

Outside of virtual reality, the ZO2 shoes carry a hefty price tag that ranges from US$495 (approx. S$673) to US$1,195 (approx. S$1,626) for a pair with Lonzo’s autograph, reports Forbes. Having the shoes featured in NBA 2K 2k18 could possibly help to sell some of these shoes.


Photo: Lonzo Ball’s signature shoes, the ZO2/The New York Times

So far, fans have reacted positively to the news. Twitter user @RaeJohnsonNBA has complimented the move as the work of a “marketing genius”.

Big Baller Brand has also caught the attention of fellow NBA players. Draftee Markelle Fultz recently expressed interest in scoring some Big Baller Brand t-shirts on NBA’s Twitch channel (video below).

“I’m trying to get some Big Baller Brand t-shirts before we leave,” said the athlete – after describing Lonzo Ball as one of the stronger rivals he faced back in college.

An interesting comment seeing as Fultz recently inked an endorsement deal with Nike earlier in June this year.

NBA 2K has yet to release images of what the video game rendered shoes will look like. Meanwhile, keep an eye out on the video game’s official Twitter page for more updates.

NBA 2K 2018 drops September 19.

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