Netflix Teases Marvel’s Luke Cage, Iron Fist and More at San Diego Comic Con

Netflix Teases Marvel’s Luke Cage, Iron Fist and More at San Diego Comic Con

The Netflix x Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con turned up a couple of surprises, including a full teaser clip of the upcoming series, Luke Cage. Here’s everything you missed.

Luke Cage Teaser

Fans got a first look at this upcoming series, which revolves around Luke Cage, an ordinary man who’s gifted with super strength and unbreakable skin following a sabotaged experiment. Set in the Harlem district of New York City, the protagonist will have to defend his town and confront a past he tried to bury. Luke Cage premieres on Netflix, September 30th 2016.

Introduction of Iron Fist

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Also shown at the panel was a short introductory clip to Iron Fist, the superhero who is both a martial artist and a wielder of a mystical force that enables him to fight crime. Iron Fist has partnered Luke Cage in the comics, so it’s great to see him getting his own screen time. No confirmed date for the show has been set yet.

Daredevil Season 3 Reminder

What would a Netflix and Marvel panel be without any mention of Daredevil Season 3? Marvel is playing this close to their chest, as the trailer barely offers a glimpse of what’s to come. But if the wildly successful first two seasons are any indication of what the next installment entails, we can’t wait.

The Defenders

Wrapping up the goodies that keep fans coming back for me, is the announcement of The Defenders, a huge series that unites Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Expect the stakes to be higher and the villains to be more sinister than ever for this television equivalent of The Avengers.

Check back with us for any major updates to Marvel’s TV series on Netflix.

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