Instagram Hashtags and Augmented Reality Could be the Future of Hyped Nike Sneaker Drops

Instagram Hashtags and Augmented Reality Could be the Future of Hyped Nike Sneaker Drops

New Nike online sneaker release methods could change the ways we cop hyped sneakers.

The future is fast approaching, and Nike seems to be at the forefront of revolutionizing the concept of retail as we’ve known it. We take a look at the new ways the sportswear giant has come up with to help sneakerheads cop more efficiently.

Instagram hashtags “waiting line”

If you’re a sneakerhead, then you’re no stranger to camping out overnight for sneakers, a practice that has long defined sneaker culture. While sneakerheads can be friendly to each other, these campouts can get ugly real quick.

Brands like Nike have found ways to prevent altercations in sneaker queues. Its SNKRS app is one way sneakerheads can avoid a queue and instead cop coveted pairs online.

For Air Max Day 2018 in Korea, Nike went a step further by creating a safe, interactive, and virtual way to cop sneaker releases online tested on Instagram, arguably everyone’s favorite app.

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Through Instagram, Nike utilizes hashtags which produces a feed of connected avatars in chronological order that mimics the visuals of customers waiting in line.

Check out the video embedded above to see how it works.

Facebook Messenger augmented reality experience

More recently, Facebook and Nike announced a partnership at the F8 Developers Conference just a few days ago. What the partnership entails: sneakerheads being able to purchase coveted pairs through the Facebook Messenger app in AR. Nike demonstrated the app’s functionality at the F8 opening keynote by releasing a pair of Kyrie Irving’s signature shoes which, unsurprisingly, were sold out within minutes.

According to Engadget, users can access the Messenger app and chat with the SNKRS bot using emojis, which unlocks the sneakers. More impressive is the fact that you can view the shoes virtually before making the purchase, almost like being in the store itself. Best of all? Sneakerheads may now stand a better fighting chance at copping sneakers without pesky bots hijacking all the pairs on offer.

Should Nike online sneaker releases continue on this path Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Featured image: Digital Market Asia

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