NikeLab’s ACG FW17 Collection Blends Futuristic Styles with Functionality

NikeLab’s ACG FW17 Collection Blends Futuristic Styles with Functionality

The NikeLab ACG FW17 collection is the latest addition to an impressive line.

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Blending futuristic styles with functionality, the creators have pieced together a purposeful NikeLab ACG FW17 collection.

The latest NikeLab ACG FW17 line-up presents individual collections for men and women with the pieces focused on providing protection to changing weather conditions and durability, as well as the aesthetic appeal.

Each collection were allocated eight pieces which include the collection’s crown jewel, a 3-in-1 coat among other tops, fleece, pants and a unisex balaclava.

Collection designers

Johanna Schneider and Errolson Hugh are both noted for their work in ACRONYM and has again undertaken the designs for NikeLab’s ACG line.

While the collection generally followed the same design focus, Johanna Schneider emphasized a rather tailor-made design for the women’s collection. The renowned designer looked to create the pieces with a balanced comfort and mobility.

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Both designers also constantly work with Nike for other pieces such as the Nike Air Presto x ACRONYM and also Schneider’s take on the Nike Women’s Air Vapormax Flyknit. 

View the full collection on Nike set to release this December.

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