Is there an Off-White x Louis Vuitton Collab in the Works?

Is there an Off-White x Louis Vuitton Collab in the Works?

Rumors of an Off-White x Louis Vuitton collab have made its rounds on the Internet, but no photos of samples have been revealed yet.

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Rumors of an Off-White x Louis Vuitton collab came weeks after Off-White first announced its partnership with Nike.

Soon after the Off-White x Nike collaboration was revealed on August 21, @supreme_leaks_news published an Instagram post about an Off-White x Louis Vuitton collab on September 3.

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“Rumors are Off-White could be working with Louis Vuitton. We are not sure if this is genuine but what would you think about this collab,” reads the caption accompanying the post.

Instagram commenters aren’t counting on it. Some feel Off-White isn’t an established enough brand for Louis Vuitton to work with, while others note that both brands’ aesthetic are too different to come together.

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If the rumors are true, however, this will be the first time Off-White is collaborating with a major fashion house.

Information on the potential collaboration is scarce, but it won’t be surprising that Louis Vuitton would want to replicate its success in streetwear with Supreme with Off-White.

In case we weren’t clear, neither Off-White nor Louis Vuitton have addressed the rumors.

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