Oktoberfest Special: A BYOB (Brew Your Own Beer) Guide

Oktoberfest Special: A BYOB (Brew Your Own Beer) Guide



A clean and well-maintained setup keeps the beer quality in check

You’ll want to take all precautions necessary to make sure your brews are free from contamination and achieving this is a straightforward process. “Keeping everything clean and sanitized is the key to good beer,” says Raymond.

Otherwise, just enjoy yourself; you can even get the whole family in on it. “Many people get their kids to help,” says Timothy. “The most dangerous thing would be hot liquid and glass, but if you’re not careless you’ll be clear.”

As with anythingin the world of food and beverage, practice makes perfect. “Don’t panic when the taste is initially weird or if the hydrometer reading dips!” says Chen.

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