This Poolmoji Table Encourages Playing with Feelings

This Poolmoji Table Encourages Playing with Feelings

When a pool table landed at digital artist Jean-Bapiste Le Divelec’s agency, he decided to “emoji-fy” it and turn it into a Poolmoji table.


If you ever wondered what it’s like to play with feelings, this Poolmoji table with emoji-painted billiard balls, might give you an idea. 

When Jean-Bapiste Henri Franck Cyrille Marie Le Divelec received a pool table at the marketing agency where he works, he enlisted the aid of his fellow creatives to create Poolmoji, a pool table with a hand-painted set of emoji billiard balls.

Each ball is painted with a different expression, mimicking emojis we use on a daily basis. It makes for quite a sight when the balls are in motion, appearing as though they are interacting with each other. Much like what text messages would look like if they came to life.

Check out the gifs below and see if you can spot your favorite emoji!

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Source: Alphr

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