Porsche Copied a Song to Avoid Paying Royalties

Porsche Copied a Song to Avoid Paying Royalties

And they’re getting into trouble for that, of course.


Porsche is embroiled in a copyright infringement suit for allegedly making a copied version of an existing track.

According to the Songs Music Publishing LLC (Songs Music), Porsche has created a copy of American indie rock band X Ambassadors’ hit song “Jungle”, so as to avoid paying royalty fees.

The track in question was featured in Porsche’s commercial for the 718 Cayman model, which was put together with the aid of the Cramer-Krasselt Company (Cramer), known to be one of the largest independent advertising agencies in America.

According to the filed complaint, Porsche and Cramer copied the original drum rhythms, organ stabs and background vocals from “Jungle” in the ad.

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The original track by X Ambassadors is well known and has been regularly licensed for use. It has been featured in the likes of big-scale campaigns such as Beats’ “The Game Before The Game” World Cup clip and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black Season 2 trailer.

For a huge brand like Porsche to cheap out on paying a licensing fee is really surprising, and not in a good way at all.

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