Reddit Invents a New Minigame for Overwatch

Reddit Invents a New Minigame for Overwatch

Reddit has invented a new minigame for Overwatch called “Hog Ball”.

Mimicking a game of volleyball, players will have use Lúcio’s ‘Soundwave’ ability to juggle Roadhog in the air.

Shared on the Overwatch subreddit by user 33see, the GIF shows four Lúcio-controlled players using the ‘Soundwave’ ability to keep a ball (in this case, Roadhog) from hitting the ground.

Reinhardt is also spotted in the GIF, however, his job is to be the net for this humorous custom game.

Check out the GIF above, and let us know if you would like to see “Hog Ball” appear as an official custom game in Overwatch.

Source: Mashable

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