Sneakerlah’s Asics Gel-Kayano 5 OG is so damn shiok!

Sneakerlah’s Asics Gel-Kayano 5 OG is so damn shiok!

Sneakerlah collabed with Hundred% to create a nasi lemak inspired Asics Gel-Kayano 5 OG, which looks delicious.

Sneakerlah x Hundred % Gel Kayano 5 OG

The Sneakerlah x Hundred% Asics Gel-Kayano 5 OG will drop at Sneakerlah 2019 in limited quantities, so get your tickets now!

You saw that right! Sneakerlah, Malaysia’s largest sneaker convention, has unveiled their collaboration with Hundred%: a very limited edition Asics Gel-Kayano 5. The sneaker comes in a colorway inspired by the country’s national dish, nasi lemak.

Sneakerlah x Hundred % Gel Kayano 5 OG

Each color on the sneaker is carefully chosen to represent the elements found in nasi lemak. The base of the sneaker is an off-white mesh that brings to mind the eggs and rice, while the green Asics logo symbolizes the cucumbers that top the dish. The central role that sambal plays in nasi lemak is represented by the deep red panel that runs across the length of the sneaker. Yellow and brown accents are dotted around the sneaker, which mimick the egg yolk and sprinkle of nuts and anchovies.

Sneakerlah x Hundred % Gel Kayano 5 OG

But why specifically nasi lemak? Bryan Chin, founder of Masses and Sneakerlah, explained, “Nasi lemak is something that every Malaysian enjoys. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper. We have makciks selling them on the roadside, at our train stations, bus stops, in the malls – basically everywhere. The inspiration hit me when I was thinking of the concept in office and went down to bungkus a pack of nasi lemak from one of the roadside stalls, and next thing I knew, the idea popped out.”

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The sneaker will drop in incredibly limited quantities – only 300 pairs are up for grabs! Plus, it will only be sold at Sneakerlah, so you better get your tickets if you want to cop a pair.

Sneakerlah 2019

The collab marks Sneakerlah’s fifth edition of bringing together sneakerheads, streetwear fans and brands together to celebrate the culture. The event is a platform for fans to buy, sell, trade and discover new sneakers and apparel, while learning and embracing the community.

This year’s Sneakerlah promises to provide the best experiences for fans, which include an exhibition by famed sneaker customizer Rudy, special guests Brendan Dunne and Matt Welty from Complex’s Full Size Run, and many other local sneaker personalities. As to how Sneakerlah got Brendan and Matt to make an appearance, Bryan explained, “I slid into Brendan’s DMs and he was kind enough to reply me. We exchanged emails, and I told them about the event, and they said YES!”

Sneakerlah Brendan Dunne and Matt Welty

Besides getting to meet these sneaker icons, Bryan details many other activites you can look forward to. “Chinatown Market is coming down to the event, and they are bringing their print gun. So that’s gonna be pretty cool. And of course the thing that pulls in the crowd is our lucky draw. This year we are working with two partners for the giveaway – MadeCurate and HypeVault – and one of the shoes we’re giving away is a Undefeated Air Jordan 4, which is worth close to RM100,000 (approx. S$32,952.55).”

If you wanna cop tickets to get access to over 60 vendors and entry to the lucky draw, you can visit Pre-sale tickets are going for RM20, while door sale tickets are going for RM30 and VIP tickets sell for RM70. We recommend the VIP tickets, which gives you access to the event two hours before it officially begins so you can cop the best deals.

Would you cop the Sneakerlah x Hundred% Asics Gel-Kayano 5 OG? Share the accompanying fit in the comments section.

All images: Sneakerlah

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