“Sneakers”, a Book About Sneakerhead and Design Culture

“Sneakers”, a Book About Sneakerhead and Design Culture

Sneakers includes interviews with over 30 personalities at the core of sneakerhead and design culture.


In Sneakers, journalists Howie Kahn and Alex French, along with designer Rodigro Corral, come together to discuss sneakerhead and design culture.

Photography and interviews with over 30 different people at the core of said culture form the backbone of the book.

Highlights from the patchwork of stories include Patta owner Edson Sabajo’s tale of a sneaker hunt that leads him to the Middle East, Jeff Staples sneaker design causing an actual riot back in 2005, and Tinker Hatfield weighs in on the future.

If you’re a sneakerhead interested in the creative process, branding, and entrepreneurship of the culture, this book is a perfect addition to your library. If you don’t read books, this is a great start.

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Pre-order Sneakers here before its official release on October 24. Keep up to date with the progress of the book via its Instagram.

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