Sole Superior 2017: People and Faces

Sole Superior 2017: People and Faces

Sole Superior 2017 brought people of all walks of life together.

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Above are some of the good people we met at Sole Superior 2017.

Sneaker conventions undeniably put the spotlight on the most coveted products from the hottest brands of today, but this time, in addition to capturing all the action, we also took a long, hard look at the people at Sole Superior 2017.

Some of them in the photo set you might recognize (Dexter Tan, co-founder of Sole Superior; Deon Phua of Tell Your Children; @katepurk who made an appearance to sign Pras The Bandit merch, etc.), others you may not. Nonetheless, it’s the people that make the party, no?

Big thanks to those who took the time to strike a pose for the camera. Till next year.

These photos and more will be up on our Facebook page. Be sure to like the page and tag friends, while you’re at it!

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