Sports Presenter Does the Impossible, Steps onto Football Pitch from Studio

Sports Presenter Does the Impossible, Steps onto Football Pitch from Studio

This sports presenter went from studio to stadium pitch in a matter of seconds, leaving viewers wondering if they’ve had one too many pints.

Sports Presenter Walks Through Studio Screen to Stadium, Leaves Audiences Baffled

A sports presenter from French channel M6 walks through a projection onto an actual football pitch…or does she?

At first, the in-studio presenter was seen chatting with her on-pitch colleague, who seemed to be projected onto the studio’s big screen.

In a baffling move, the former decided to strut through the projection and join her co-worker by the pitch, leaving the audience wondering if the studio was situated right by the stadium, or if it was some green screen magic intended to capture their attention.

But astute observers can see that it’s all a camera trick. Both presenters are actually in the studio, with artificial turf added to the floor beneath the screen to make it seem as if the second presenter was reporting live from the stadium.

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Despite the disappointment, this clever move from M6 surely made a typical sports coverage that much more interesting and could lead to some neat spin-offs.

Source: Daily Mirror

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