Stephen Curry Returns with a Vengeance in New “Make That Old” Ad

Stephen Curry Returns with a Vengeance in New “Make That Old” Ad

Hoping to erase the heartbreak from last season, Stephen Curry and Under Armour create a new ad to “Make That Old” and bring home the gold.

The upcoming NBA season is Stephen Curry’s chance at redemption, and he’s enlisted his fans to drive home that point.

Curry and a squad of kids are shown brushing aside his shortfalls, such as the Golden State Warriors narrowly missing out on championship gold despite their 73-win tally.

There’s also mention of his past accomplishments, such as his back-to-back MVP awards and maxed-out player stats in the NBA 2K16 video game. Interspersed throughout the ad are shots of Curry training in a neon-lit gym with the tenacity that he’s known for.

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Of course, the ad wouldn’t be complete without a glimpse at the new Curry 3 signature shoe, which will be released in different colorways throughout the season.

How will Stephen Curry and his team fare in the new NBA season? Sound off in the comments below.

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