Stranger Things 3: The adventure continues in 2019 with eight new episodes

Stranger Things 3: The adventure continues in 2019 with eight new episodes

Stranger Things season 3 might only arrive in 2019, but the Netflix has unveiled some teasers.

Eight titles, eight new episodes. Here’s what we know so far.

Stranger Things took to Twitter to reveal next season’s episode titles. Make what you will of this newly released information, but this should stave off your hunger for Stranger Things season 3, which will only be released in the summer of 2019, for now.

Stranger Things season 3 episodes

  • “Suzie, Do You Copy?”
  • “The Mall Rats”
  • “The Case of the Missing Lifeguard”
  • “The Sauna Test”
  • “The Source”
  • “The Birthday”
  • “The Bite”
  • “The Battle of Starcourt”

The third season of Netflix’s hit series will follow up on the events from season 2. That also means witnessing the return of the characters you’ve grown comfortable with for the past two seasons, including Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Will’s mother Joyce, Eleven, Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson, among others. Expect things to get stranger – season’s 3 finale titled The Battle of Starcourt spells an interesting end to the season.

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The Stranger Things 3 teaser video posted on Twitter has now seen 2.5 million views and over a hundred thousand retweets at the time of writing. The show certainly has no shortage of fans.

Are you excited for the next season of Stranger Things? Let us know in the comments below.

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