The Streetwear Reselling Game Has a New Player in Stock X

The Streetwear Reselling Game Has a New Player in Stock X

The streetwear game has a new player. Stock X is about the join the fray. 

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Screenshot of the website’s latest job listing

Streetwear reselling websites such as Grailed and Racked has a new competitor in Stock X.

Last May, Stock X announced that users can use its platform to buy and sell luxury handbags and watches. But it looks like the website now has plans to expand into the streetwear market.

A recent job listing (image above) looking for people who can verify the authenticity of streetwear items recently hosted on the website is the biggest indication of Stock X’s move into the streetwear reselling game.

Information about this move into streetwear is scarce, but a quick browse through the website reveals that no streetwear items have been put on sale yet. But it’s only a matter of time that popular streetwear brands such as Supreme, Gosha Rubchinskiy, and will make an appearance on the website.

Stock X’s entry into the streetwear reselling game presents a challenge to other reseller websites such as Grailed, which is currently facing difficulty coping with an increase in fake Off-White items on the website. See below screenshots of complaints we saw on the popular Facebook group, Off-White talk:

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Check out Stock X for updates on its services.

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