The Supreme edition of the New York Post is the cheapest Supreme item on the resale market

The Supreme edition of the New York Post is the cheapest Supreme item on the resale market

The Supreme New York Post paper was released on Monday, and of course, some copies have already landed up on the resale market.

Supreme, born and bred in New York, recently collaborated with another household name from NYC, the New York Post.

This past Monday, New Yorkers were surprised to find that the usually readily available New York Post had sold out within minutes. Turns out, the Post had collaborated with Supreme to create a wraparound for Monday’s issue, and as Supreme-branded-anything goes, copies of the paper were flying off the shelves of newsstands. 

Priced at US$1 (approx. S$1.38) at newsstands across New York City, copies of the paper can now be found on the resale market being sold as collector’s items. But, unlike other Supreme-branded merchandise on the resale market, the New York Post Supreme issue is going at prices that are well within reach.

A quick search on Grailed reveals that the resale prices of the Supreme edition paper go as low as US$9 (approx. S$12.39). Closer to home, Singapore based resellers are letting the rag go at prices ranging from S$18 to S$20 a piece; making the newspaper one of the cheapest Supreme-branded item on the second-hand market.

Interested to buy? Scroll down to view the prices of these papers from popular resale platforms.

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Once again, Supreme proves that no collaboration is beneath them (Metropolitan Transit Authority), above them (Louis Vuitton), or too weird for them.

Would you buy the Supreme New York Post paper at resell? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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