Tom Sachs x Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe is made to be a daily beater

Tom Sachs x Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe is made to be a daily beater

Tom Sachs and Nikecraft want the General Purpose Shoe to be your everyday sneaker; worn for everything without care or worry about stains and dirt. 

Tom Sachs Nike Craft

Update: June 11, 9:30 am (Singapore time) 
Tom Sachs has announced on Instagram that the Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe will see future restocks, the next one slated for August 2022. He stated in the caption, “You will NOT be left turning to resellers. The General Purpose Shoe is designed to be a perennial. It will be restocked and accessible again.”

Model: The Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe
1st drop date: June 10
2nd drop date: August 2022
Price: S$109.99
Buy here:

Tom Sachs Nike Craft

The Nikecraft General Purpose Shoe(GPS) is the perfect daily beater. Tom Sachs designed the sneaker to ‘narrate’ your journey, picking up stains, tears and repairs that would visually represent your daily life. 

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They Designed the GPS with simplicity in mind. Only the most essential features and materials are utilized on the sneaker. As such it’s only made up of a three-piece molded cup sole, donning straps, microfiber collar, and airy knit.

The shoe is constructed to be cozy and strong. The upper material is made to repel a few raindrops yet promises to maintain a decent level of breathability. Sachs also engineered the midsole to be responsive, stable and offer a high degree of tactile sensation. 

The Nikecraft GPS marks 10 years of partnership between Nike and Tom Sachs. The duo’s previous collaboration includes the unreliable Mars Yard 1.0, drastically improved Mars Yard 2.0, the out-of-this-world Mars Yard Overshoe and the community-tested Mars Yard 2.5. The GPS marks a clear shift away from the Mars Yard design language, signifying a new approach to their collaboration.

The Nikecraft GPS will drop in a full-size run on June 10 at Available in multiple color schemes, the pair comes in women’s sizes 5-14.5, 15.5, and 16.5, and Men’s sizes 3.5-13, 14, and 15.

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