8 Things to Do This Valentine’s Day When You’re Single…And Alone

8 Things to Do This Valentine’s Day When You’re Single…And Alone

Here’s how to spend Valentine’s Day, the realistic way.

1. Treat your sneakers to a luxury cleaning

Photo: Collonil

Photo: Collonil

They’re always by your side. They’ve been there through wet and dry. So why not treat your sneakers to a luxurious spa day at home? Douse them in warm water, throw a little baking soda onto your white soles and fabric, and scrub them down for a cheap fix. If you’re willing to spend some cash, there’s a variety of sneaker-safe, cleaning systems available online like RESHOEVN8R and Jason Markk.

2. Binge watch Netflix


Spend the night on Netflix and chilling out alone with a number of new additions such as Drew Barrymore’s Santa Clarita DietYou, Me and Her and the hilarious Micheal Bolton’s Big, Sexy, Valentine’s Day Special  for hours of non-stop laughs. These series will bring you so much joy, you might forget that you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day alone.

3. Eat year heart out at Hooters

Photo: Hooters

Photo: Hooters

Drown your sorrows with a hearty ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffet at the newly opened Hooters, Singapore. Now under a new management and with a wider range of offering – including the Singaporean-inspired Chilli Crab Wings, truly a spicy experience. Wash everything down with some booze and pretend that the beautiful ladies serving you actually care for you.

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Better yet: Snap a selfie with any of the Hooters waitresses and tag your photo #hooterssgmarinabay for a free pint.

Date: 14th February
Time: 11 AM – 1 AM
Price: $32
Venue: The Sail (4 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 18986)

4. Explore new dating apps

Photo: Mac World

Photo: Mac World

Hate Valentine’s day? Do you also hate sappy romantic comedies? If you answered “yes” to all those questions and everything nice life has to offer, then maybe Hater is the dating app for you.

Hater is a lot like Tinder, except you’re paired up with other users based on the things you both hate. Users have to swipe down to indicate something they hate, or up for something they like. The app then calculates your personality and introduces you to a number of people who hate the same stuff you do. Currently available only on iOS, users will also need to have an active Facebook page to set up a profile.

According to the Boston Globe, the app has amassed over 200,000 users since its launch. So why not take the plunge and try a new dating app this Valentine’s Day? Because let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be spending today alone if your current dating app worked.

5. Watch J-Lo awkwardly addressing her relationship with Drake

If you hated the Drake-JLo love affair that rocked the beginning of 2017, you’ll enjoy watching Jennifer Lopez fumbling to find the right words to avoid answering the “did they or didn’t they date” question on the Grammys red carpet.

[Drake and Jennifer Lopez Are Definitely Up to Something]

6. Treat yourself to new kicks

Photo: GQ

Photo: GQ

February is undoubtedly the best month for sneaker releases. Drake’s OVO announced another OVO x Air Jordan X collaboration, available sometime this February. The limited edition kicks is priced at US$225 (approx S$319) and will be available for purchase online.

[PUMA Basket Heart in Two New Styles] 

How about trying out for Limited EDT’s online Yeezy raffle for a chance to cop a pair of Yeezys for free? Sure contest rules dictates that you’ll have to take a photograph with your significant other. But the rules don’t specify whether your partner can be human…or another equally loved pair of sneakers you have?

7. Read Straatosphere

straathomepage copy

Seriously, though. We cover everything from memes to sneaker releases. So devastatingly lonely that you spent your Valentine’s day morning crying? Here’s a Donald Trump article to cheer you up. We have a number of articles available for your picking. Crack open a beer and start browsing through. Valentine’s Day will be over before you know it.

8. Do whatever you want

Photo: Nick Daum

Photo: Nick Daum

Ask god or a higher power why life has forsaken you and left you all alone. Or run through the streets blasting your favorite rap music. Don’t take this article to mean that these are the list of things you have to do. Chill out, call your friends and head down to your favorite pub for a night of…whatever. You’re free

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