Vans Celebrates the Year of the Rooster with its Latest Collection

Vans Celebrates the Year of the Rooster with its Latest Collection

Vans rings in the new year with the launch of its Year of the Rooster collection, comprising four of its classic silhouettes.

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The newest Year of the Rooster collection by Vans is designed by Shanghai-based footwear designer Kim Kiroic.

To celebrate the new year as well as Vans’ “Off The Wall” spirit, Kim has based this collection around the lifecycle of a rooster mixed into classic punk rock culture.

The Year of the Rooster collection reflects the rooster’s journey from an egg to an adult. The Old Skool silhouette with nude leather is meant to represent the egg, while the bright yellow flannel Authentic platform is similar to that of a baby chick. The three-color kilted Slip-On depicts the tail feathers of a rooster and rounding off the cycle, the Mid Skool has a textured heel counter that is reminiscent of a rooster’s comb.

Kim’s attention to detail can also be seen in a range of hand-drawn artworks for the campaign, which embody the lifestyle of the rooster alongside the punk rock culture Vans has always been known to emulate.

The Vans Year of the Rooster Collection will be exclusively available at Vans ION Orchard, #B3-60, on December 28th. Prices range from S$99 – $159.

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